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All Rachael's up and coming events and sOul gatherings are listed on her Facebook page Rachael Te Wano I Am That I Am in the Event section. Listed will be event details, dates and times. If you would like Rachael to host an event for your tribe, please feel free to contact her.

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A Day of Connection - A Day of Renewal - A Day your sOul Deserves

Unlocking your Divine Feminine within

The Way of the Womb

Let us join in a day of Divine Ceremony and Grace to unlock and REmember the way of your womb.

To connect deeper to your power so you may speak your truth from heart and be free to live a more Authentic life.

We will together fill up our cups so they overflow….. Are you excited? As I AM


What you will receive:

3 Steps to connect to the power centre of your Womb

Opening ceremony , have the chance to connect to all that you are as we together set the intention for the day ahead.

Tools to Ground and have a new solid foundation

  • Release the anxiety

  • Have more mental clarity

  • De stress in 2 mins

  • Manifest with the power of Gaia supporting you, it is time to create the life you have dreamt of

  • Earth star Activation or Upgrade

  • Time to BE which sounds easier than it really is, I will give you some tips so you can reconnect super quickly and efficiently.

  • We go deeper than ever before into the benefits of grounding and what it can do for you.

Meditations throughout the day to awaken your inner knowledge

Cacao ceremony and Great Mother connection, this will fill you with sooooo much LoVe…. Eeeeeek Im so excited for you!

Connect in circle to like minded women. When we all vibrate with the Sophia heart there is a safe loving space that is instantly formed, it truly is a beautiful experience.

How to live and walk in Heart Consciousness

  • Free yourself from the chaos and drama around you

  • Connect to the higher part of yourself

  • Learn tools so you will finally and fully LoVe yourself

  • Sophia Heart Activation or upgrade

  • Have the ability to see life from a birds eye view. I call it Divine detachment…. An essential skill for you empaths out there!

Lightbody upgrade - this will allow you to feel light and in a state of Bliss (as you deserve it)

Light language ceremony - Light language connects directly to the sOul… it is a higher self -  soul communication system.

It works on more layers than I ever get to explain… most people feel a sense of HOME when they hear my light language for the first time. I speak different dialects for different abilities to come through and be delivered to you. For me my light language is a key that unlocks many many may doors within you and the universe.

Womb Awakening and Activation (one of the most powerful and sacred activations I hold)


  • Receive the womb activation and information I was delivered by the Divine Mother Isis , this is not written in books this is a direct initiation that I wish to share with you in our sacred space together

  • Connect to your womb serpent that has laid dormant for many life times, as it rises you will connect to a creative energy like never before

  • I will begin the healing process of 1000’s of lives of suppression of the divine feminine that is held within your womb space

  • Mother Isis, Grace Ishnar and the Magdalenes will stand by you as we walk this ancient teachings together in a safe, high vibe space

  • I will connect your womb and throat chakras so you may be free to speak your truth and no longer shut down… How freeing will this be?

Womb massage techniques that I have been walked through by my masters in the etheric realms

I will guide you to harness the pulse of Life force that lays within your womb space so you may connect to it in your daily life.

We will release to the waters our Womb and heart power so that we give back to mother gaia for all to benefit and thank the lands that have held us as we walked this moment in time together.

I have been guided to deliver this day retreat of Womb healing at this time

My private sessions are $150 per hour and some retreats are over  $5000 for 5 nights this I wanted to deliver at $333. The day retreat will start at 10am - 4pm, Lunch will be provided.


As these powerful Goddesses walk with me and ask sometimes for things to be added to sessions I will also be open to this as we together work for the highest good of all who join.

I am excited to go on this ancient yet very new journey with you all.

This is a women’s only event


Nukara Farm

sOul gathering

Earth Star Chakra and Sophia Heart Activation


A beautiful setting for the sOuls that were called into sacred circle 

The power and the LoVe that is felt in group activations will truly blow your mind and instill faith in your fellow humans. If you are called into sacred circle for the group Earth Star Chakra and Sophia Heart Activation please book your place now.