5 days cover image

"What birthed in this Five days
Blew us All away"

This content is just too potently POWERFUL it has to be yours!

Day 1. THE GOLDEN ORB - Your Powerball of Creation & Initiation of LIGHT!
We go into Morning rituals, receive a light language blessing and
activation assisted by the Goddess Isis and myself.

Day 2. GOLDEN RIVER - Stand within my Flame tree and Activate the Golden River within you Trust the Voice of your HIGHER SELF and allow it to expand ALL that you are.

Day 3. THE NEW FLOWER OF LIFE All of us... Humanity has been contained and capped, the truth of your power has been held by a few, the rebirthing karmic process has trapped us....
Not any more. The flower of life was meant to be limitless and so are you!
No longer be enclosed, be free, be you!

Discover the Masculine and Feminine energies within yourself
With these energies balanced within your outside reality transforms. You step into wholeness and ONEness with ALL.

Connect to the Pulse of your essence as I merge the heart, womb and upper chakras. This balance within the energy body empowers your existence in all ways. It anchors you deeper into your sacred heart and womb portal so you may access and hear your inner voice. For then you are unstoppable in the creation of your LIFE.