Open the doors and step into the mystery,

 for the sacred wisdom within you beacons...


Open the doors and step into the mystery,

for the sacred wisdom within you beacons...


Deep within your sacred heart lays the wisdom of your sOul. It is time, Divine Wayshower, to unlock the infinite well of your knowing.



Will you journey the light and the dark of yourself to unlock the doors to your higher path?

Dissolving the feelings of competition, separation and I am not enough...It is through connection to like minded people, sharing sacred space, honouring your authentic expression, that we all gain insight and clarity at times of great change. 

The wise sOul knows - 

This we must do together.

It is from the space deep within my knowing and heart command. 

I birthed the golden rose temple so.........with that said.

A virtual temple space that holds you in a cocoon of light as you peel back your layers, master your gifts and receive on a level you have not yet allowed.

A sacred space that keeps you aligned to your sOul and accountable for your own transformation



Through practical teachings you will connect and explore the inner you. For when you truely know yourself any thing is possible.


Discover and master your world from the expanse of heart consciousness receiving the higher perspectives and understanding that we are one.


Yes you! Divine spark of sOurce creates within and through you. The infinite, the divine feminine, the divine masculine and the balanced self is.... YOU 


My sOul gift is to Activate so that is what I shall deliver...

through sacred sound, lightlanguage and etheric journey's you shall receive, together we then bring those codes into the physical field of embodiment. So you may implement into your life, your service and your expression.


Deep remembering of the ancient temples run through my blood, heart & sOul.

Within temple space we will hold in reverence yet up level the past to serve you in the now.

" It is your birthright to clear your karma & embody the soul gifts of your pastlives"


Through ceremony we access the magic, the mystery and the other worlds. Fine tuning your intuition and allowing you to fully trust in your soul voice and the unwavering grace that resides within you. Within the Inner Sanctuary we join monthly for sacred ceremony, sharing & powerful conversation.

Rachael Te Wano 

sOul healer - Womb Shaman - Activator

Mentor to the rising wayshowers across the planet Rachael empowers people to Rise in their unique expression, unlock their sOul gifts and walk the path they were born to walk.

"My hearts service to you as sovereign beings is to activate & initiate the deep remembering within your sOul."

It is time to embody ALL that you are and All you have ever been.



The spiritual walk is like a rose.

The thorns and the bloom are part of the beauty

Awakening to the depths of your self and letting go of the aspects that do not serve can feel like death and rebirth.

That is why we are in this together supporting each other through the highs and the lows.

The Rising

As Above

➔ Connect with the highest aspect of self and fine tune the commune with your higher self.

➔ Dance within the dimensions and know your multidimensional self

➔ Receive and embody your cosmic self and all the remembering's of the past

➔ Rise in your unique expression and feel safe to speak your truth.


As Within

The inner journey of self discovery and exploration. Learn to hear the voice of your heart and womb and lead from a place of unwavering self acceptance. Release the need to people please and fix others.

This inner journey is the key to freedom.

Your true authentic essence calls you to honour and embrace your unique expression, perception and gifts. 

The Decent

So Below

➔ Honouring and embracing the shadow aspects is one of the most profound healing journey's you will embark on

➔ Unlock the power and wisdom within your womb portal

➔ From the darkest decent you will be able to trust in the abilities of self

➔ Be guided by the Dark goddesses to receive their initiations and wisdom.

So Without 

To bear the heart of the god/goddess in authentic expanse for all to see, no masks, no illusion just the purity of you.

I feel deeply that as we master the as above and so below we are now being called to turn our insides out.


For this is the path of authenticity.

I am offering at this stage two levels within the temple space to suit everyones budget and needs. You can enter either offering at any spiritual or emotional level. Beginner or master practitioner you are all honoured and needed.

The inner sanctuary is a more in-person interactive journey within the golden rose temple, offering temple guests the entry into the golden rose temple and additional monthly ceremonies via zoom and any personal question time with me.


These ceremonies deepen the connection of self and often give clarity on the collective energies. They are a co creation and a beautiful way to connect and share within out temple community. To receive support and feel apart of a bigger than you union. 

Inner Sanctuary participants also receive private session, store, retreat and workshop discounts and first options on crystals sales and current launches, these savings often surpass the investment of the inner sanctuary. I also offer bonus content and journey's when I feel drawn.

A facebook group is also included in this temple offer for interaction and sharing.

Enter - Inner Sanctuary




What is included -

I always spoil my temple members with bonus content this is a base of what is included. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Inner Sanctuary




Golden Rose Temple




Inner Sanctuary




Golden Rose Temple




Inspiration from within the temple community

Tanya Kitto

Oh my goodness Rachael this meditation is truly magnificent. In Meditations I usually SEE myself do the work this time I FELT myself do the work. I feel the healing, I feel the love, I feel the confidence and I feel the magnificence of this meditation. Thank you Rachael it is so truly beautiful

Alexandra Lomas

I love having this tool box for when I need to deep dive into an issue or when I need extra support or assistance in releasing. It is also profound to watch how given the right tools our inner knowing steps forward and knows exactly what we need. Thank you Rachael for creating such a Temple of Inner healing!

Shamus Thorley

I’ve been doing a lot of healing on myself and my blood line when Rachael came into my life, Rachael Te Wano I love you, you taught me to go deep, you taught me where to look.

I learnt to know my soul through Rachael

Helen Day

When you are feeling disconnected or overwhelmed, being able to access this treasure trove is invaluable. If you wish to unlock the door to a life-changing journey, Rachael is the key

I've Still Got Questions

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All my LoVe and support




Rachael Te Wano