Jesus / Yeshua / Christ Consciousness

Whatever name you call him and what ever beliefs you have, that is not my concern as there is space for all.

Yeshua was one of my teachers in the chambers during my time learning. I will admit I had a lot of conditioning before this time and I could not believe the experiences I was having.

Trust me on that.

As I was taught that we could not connect directly with him that we needed a priest to be the middle man. I quickly released those beliefs as they no longer were my truth.

He lead me only through vibration, never words. His acceptance and heart as I'm sure you know is like no other. Christ Consciousness is helping us all at this time to shift into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS (heart).

Let's all turn off our minds and open our hearts and just feel his vibration through the song and just for a moment be ONE as that is really his message.

I hope this triggers something within our sOul that allows for the releasing of conditioning within you.

Much Love
Rachael x

Photo credit: Life Force Network