How to Lay Crystal Grids

The Simplicity of Crystal Grids...

I want to share with you today the power behind crystal grids. They are really easy, you just need a few key pieces but I thought I would talk you through it step by step and show you how its done.

Decide on an Intention

I find all my clients at the moment are struggling with the flow of abundance. So I am going to create a grid for you all to increase that flow of abundance. Abundance means all things, wealth, time, whatever it means to you.

Lay The Crystal Grid

Step 1 – Write your intention on a piece of paper

Step 2 – I use a load of Rose Quartz that I find is gentle and loving and they match what we are doing. It is as easy as setting up a grid that feels right for you. I like to breathe and in my mind see myself creating power. What you put out always comes back.

Step 3 – I intensify it a little more with some diamond energy into the grid and the final piece is citrine, the merchant stone which will always bring abundance to your life.

Step 4 – I sit for a moment and create energy and see it flowing out.The power comes into the centre where your intention is.

Step 5 – Whenever I walk passed my grids I give a little offering of Frankinscesnc which is powerful.

Step 6 -  I like to leave my grids up for a few weeks. The new moon is a great time to set your intention and then burn it in the full moon.

So there you go, it only took a moment and it is really powerful.

Much Love
Rachael x