Lord Melchizadek

Lord Melchizedek


Today I would like to talk to you about one of my teachers. He has been with me through quite a long journey, a beautiful journey.  My heart even flutters when I begin to talk about him because he holds so much power. He holds so much knowledge and for me he has opened the door to work with other guides, it is like he has introduced me.

He is Lord Melchizedek and he has trained me, through meditation, he called me and I just trusted for a really long time.

I only got clarity a few years ago. I thought I was just meditating and going and meeting this amazing man, I didn't know he was Lord Melchizedek and all that comes with that.

So I trusted for 5 or 6 years and I would go up in meditation and he would introduce me to other guides. That's where I worked with Jesus, Mary and Thoth and many others up in the chambers.

So when Lord Melchizedek comes into a session, if I am working on you, I know you are ready for the codes that he brings that got downloaded into me. It’s a bit like software and thru getting the codes, it is like plugging in your iPad in and downloading new software but it has been downloaded into you to benefit you in this human existence

So when he graces us in a session it is quite remarkable and I am yet to know anyone that has experienced this and hasn’t had a big shift and their life improve dramatically.  When he steps in, there's going to be changes and they are beautiful.

So the Platinum Codes that he downloaded in me are a shield. We work together in this Activation. I do my part with my merkabar a light body, and then I ask you to go thru some steps and we build the electromagnetic field around you with Lord Melchizedek, then he works through me to anchor it in.

The final piece is locking in this cylinder of platinum ray. It acts as a protective field if you like, a colomn that comes down around you to protect you and raise your vibration.

After you have received, it is actually up to you how much you use it.  You can grow it wider and wider and the more you breathe into it, it expands and intensifies and that’s where you find the real difference.

So that is on you. We come together to fasciliate a beatuful gift,  but really it is up to you to feel it and grow it and use it in your daily life.

It is my honour and blessing to have Lord Melchizedek to come and work along side of me to help make your journey in remembering easier.

Much Love
Rachael x

Rachael Te Wano