The Atlantis Portal

Atlantis Portal

This space was opened in the weeks leading up to Easter so the remembering of your time in Atlantis could be anchored into the now. For the fears to be released and the merging of what you once new could be honoured once more.

It allowed that energy flow in over the West coast of Australia.

In the beginning it flicked up frustration, fear and anxiousness but as the bodies allowed for it to settle within, a deeper connection arose.

It needed on a grander scale to be opened at this time, so the light in Easter Ceremony could connect us all into the new crystalline grid that ignited at that time (the Schumann hit 90 after this ceremony of oneness).

This divine portal allowed for a direct Connection to the crystalline grid of Arkansas. This beautiful portal to Atlantis has been closing for the past few days, and it has now closed.

The work has been done and we are ready for new energies to flow through.

If you are feeling a disconnect this will be why. The head may be experiencing a heaviness as this new vibration hits our energy bodies.

As we welcome the new super moon today. Have a look within for your answers but also look out, as everyone is your mirror - What are they showing you?

Be aware of your Dream state as it is time for deep reflection of the happenings within that reality.

See if you can wake up within and change your dreams.

Much love
Rachael x