The Codes From Bali

Bali.... You blew me away!!

I AM so excited to deliver you the Transmissions


A sneak peak into the Activations, Transmissions available to diamond Members.

I was called to Bali to connect to the crystalline grids of Gaia and the Galactic portal that Bali is. To anchor the Sophia and Womb energy deep within her core, so we may vibrate with the balance of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in Harmony once more. Are you excited ?

The light that you have within you is facilitating this shift in consciousness...... You birthed at this time for a reason, discovering your sOuls highest path delivers to you that reason, it answers the question "WHY am I here?"

In preparation for Bali, Shiva and Kali both delivered downloads into my energy body, so I may share with you ALL and prepare me for the pilgrimage that laid before me. I deeply TRUSTED all would flow as it needed to. As when you listen to the whispers of your Heart all flows with Divine Grace.

During my time in Bali, I was inspired by the gentleness of the Balinese spirit, the offerings each day they deliver to balance the lands that they walk. Their connection to ONENESS is profound. We ventured on paths less travelled to remote sites that filled my body temple so it overflowed, so I may deliver in transmission to you. So you may be filled and overflow for all to benefit in your divine ripple that radiates from within you.

In one of my favourite spots of the trip we bathed in the Holy hot spring waters.... Which flowed as the waters did in Chalice Garden in Glastonbury, it was mind blowing!!! Two sacred sites so far apart yet so similar in vibration and physical appearance.
The REmembering that was offered to me in that time as I surrendered to the healing waters, was that of the Teachings of the Egyptian days.... The Honouring of our sacred flow and how it is a key to heal and release the Divine feminine energies once more.

Lay tonight with your hands upon your Womb and allow the healing to begin...........

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