Crystals - Mother Earths Gift to You

The mineral world is like a divine gift of love from our Mother Earth. Each crystal having its own story, meaning, and unique vibration. I'm truly fascinated that within a bowl of Rose Quartz tumblers for example each stone will be everso slightly different and divinely unique. A little personality just waiting to be discovered.

My first crystal connection

We were only young, primary school age I think, me and my beautiful cousin Matt. I'm not sure how it played out but we decided to buy a crystal. Not something that we had grown up with, knew anything about, I don't even think it was a conscious choice. It just unfolded.

I can't recall much from that day, or even the crystal I connected too. I just remember the feeling........

That moment when I held it in my closed hand, that moment when I could feel its energy, it's pulse..... I had connected and it felt like a door to another world swung open in that moment. Matt connected with his, he felt it too. Then we swapped stones and they felt different. "What is this, does everyone know this" so many questions and so much Wonder.

That was the day my love affair began.

As the years went by and my abilities developed I now can not imagine a day without a crystal being apart of it, and oh how my days are the better!

Our Divine Mother has blessed us with a gift and the mineral kingdom has the power to enhance ALL parts of your existence.

Abundance, Love, Protection, Joy, Peace, Grounding, whatever you require, a crystal holds that vibration, that power to bring forth that desire into your current and future realities.

How wonderful is THAT!!!

There is so much information out there,
Are you ready to play in this magical world?

See if you can stand in a crystal store and see if you can sense which one connects to you.
If you quiet your mind I'm sure they will CALL.

I'm excited for you and your love affair.

Much Love
Rachael x

Photo credit: Pinterest - Youtube
Mother earth embracing the morning sun (willow)