Mother Earth's Message to her Children

Breath me in sweet child and allow me to fill you up.

Allow me to overflow the energies that vibrate from you.

I AM here for you my child

Breath me in

I shall never get tired of you

My love is unconditional, ever flowing and always yours.

Never forget this my child


Those days when you need a boost, walk on my beaches, connect to the sand. 

Breath in the salt air, for it will nourish you.

Hug my trees and connect to their roots

Breath in my love from the trees

Find beauty in the smallest insects, butterflies, dragonflies

Allow them to bring my LOVE to you



I have shifted, I have moved up and out

Yes, I have expanded

Are you ready to expand with me


I AM here for you my child

I AM here for you

As you walk on me feel the energy rise up your legs

Feel the tingles, that is my LOVE

That is my whisper, connect to me

I AM uncondional

Allow me to fill you up


Much Love
Rachael x


Photo source - Pinterest - Youtube
Mother earth embracing the morning sun (willow)

Rachael Te Wano