The Diamond Codes

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I would love to share with you the most effervescent beautiful energy that is hitting our planet to help us in our ascension and our shifting consciousness.

It is the Diamond Codes and within them, for me, I see the Rainbow rays swell..  I was lucky enough to get this beautiful Vogal crystal, which is a very very special piece and it was drawn to me, or I was drawn to it, I don't know, we came together anyway after the Diamond Codes had been downloaded in me.

I wanted to have a physical thing that I could hold the Diamond Codes as a vessel. I then in a session use this crystal to activate the pineal gland and allow you to feel the diamond energies.  It comes down and hits the cells and it actually just takes the breath away. It really is a little piece of heaven on earth. It's effervescent and sparkly and I am yet to meet a soul who doesn't love it. It's beautiful.

What it actually does for you when you have the diamond energy is give you a protection from the lower vibrations and that heavy energy.  Once the diamond energy, because it is such a high vibration, hits the cells it awakens in you and removes that lower vibration. So it is very powerful yet so beautiful all in one.

It is a science when you and your body vessel holds a higher frequency, a higher vibration, it starts to vibrate quickly, so anything that vibrates slower is not a match so it must leave, it must exit the body. sometimes if we don't detox, if we don't listen to the signs that our body is giving us to stop, ascension side effects can be brutal. Just surrender to it.

I have made them sound not as beautiful as they are, but that is part of the path of ascension and to hold these beautiful vibrations there is a process that the body has to go through to hold these beautiful vibrations.

Much Love