The Divine Feminine



I would like to introduce the creator of all that is. 

Sophia the divine mother

She is known in every culture, in every religion in every country around the world.

For me, when she stepped in I knew in that moment my entire life had brought me up to that moment.

It was quite overwhelming and a lot for my humanness to get around, but when she came in and she said

"I am Sophia, Creator of all that Is."

I replied "Oh so you are the Creator of Earth?”

She said “ I birth Universes through my Womb, I am the Creator of ALL that is and more than you know."

I said “Oh? You have my attention!”

I was, to be honest, quite scared. I had had many powerful energies come to me including Thoth, Lord Melchizadek, Mother Mary and Jesus, all with great power and high vibration.

But when Sophia stepped in I knew it was different. I knew my life was going to change after that moment. I had no idea how, but it did.

I spent months in meditation with Sophia connecting with her then I was gifted the codes of the Sophia which, once given through the heart, allow for a 5th dimensional consciousness to come into the body. It changes the frequency of the heart.

After you receive the activation she takes your heart strings and dances with them, connecting them into a grid over humanity, and you become a beautiful light within that grid.

The more light you take the more you are connected to all that have shifted into 5th Dimension Consciousness and beyond, because we are moving into that rather quickly.

What it does with the Sophia Codes in your heart, is it allows you not to be caught in the chaos of 3rd Dimension any longer. It gives you the ability to drop down and connect into your heart and to see the world with a new perspective, one with love and compassion.

This activation actually gives this to you and you can access it once more. Most of the people that are drawn to me know that they are missing something.  And it normally is this.

Sophia is the Divine Feminine. She is the Creator of ALL, so she also holds the Divine Masculine. But it is the Divine Feminine Energy that is rising, that has been suppressed for so long. So there is a lot of fear of speaking our truth.

A lot of people shut down when they step into that space of when they need to communicate their deep truth. Something shuts them down and I believe, after working with so many beautiful souls, that it is the suppression of the Divine Feminine that on some level you remember the suppression and condenment because your soul knows when you stand in that power and speak your truth that you have been condemmed and that actually happened for thousands and thousands of years.

But its now time to rise up once more and bring that Divine Feminine Energy up from the Earth and sit in your Heart and regain your Power and your Love.

And that is the beautiful gift that Sophia gives to you and it is her message that needs to be heard and felt in this moment. As we are evolving as a species, we are shifting in consciousness and I believe it is our duty. You are being called to take the vibration and then share it through living in that heart space


So when the Divine Sophia comes through and touches your life it is like no other.

It is my honour and duty to stand in my truth and vulnerability and give her codes to all that feel drawn to receiving them.


So that is just a fraction of all that she is and it is for you to discover when you take the journey with the Divine Sophia.

What it means for you.

Sophia sent to the Earth aspects of herself. And they are so much more than an aspect, but when I talk about Sophia that is how she showed me so, that is how I articulate. But they are great and they are all that they are as individuals and what they brought to the world.

It was when she first came to me that she flashedbefore me all of the aspects that she had sent to earth.

Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Mary Magdalene, White Buffalo Woman,  and Mother Isis.

All powerful beautiful women that raised the vibration and consiuosness of humanity in their time. They all hold the Sophia Energy and they brought so much to the earth.

I'm sure that each and every one of you will connect on some level to one of those great women that walked the Earth. Their teachings, their ways, their different vibrations, but it is the Sophia energy that is needed right now to help us shift, and to help us come back into balance and to help us through what at times seems quite chaotic and destructive energies.

But know that sometimes things need to come down and break so we can once again rise up in balance and love and abundance and all that we are.


So if you feel drawn to receive her codings, I really look forward to you feeling that shift in your heart.

It is powerful and I am excited for you to experience that.


Much Love
Rachael x