Kym Ivanac

Kym Ivanac


Kym Ivanac, Sound Healer

I was born in Bunbury and grew up on a hobby farm in Gelorup which grew my love of Nature and all in it. I had my fair share of Hobbies and was madly into Horse riding, Sailing and Hockey - and Sewing, Painting and building anything in between ! 

Both of my Parents had their own Businesses in Manufacturing and this gave me the Confidence and drive to have my own business and know I can carve my own path in life.

I've always been into the arts and have enjoyed many of my own Businesses in Furniture Design and manufacture, Upholstery, Window treatment Design, Manufacturing and Sales, Blind Installation...and now Sound Therapy!

I didn't grow up in a "spiritual" home though it was naturally there in hindsight.

My friend invited me to a Spiritual Development Circle in Capel 11 years ago and it opened my eyes to the other realms and really helped me to cope in this world. Our teacher Bev taught us something new every week and it all really fascinated me and helped to open me up my own Intuition. I spent 8 years learning here.

For my Birthday about 7 years ago my sister in law bought me a voucher for a Sound Healing Session in Perth and we went together.. Well! that was it for me !  when I walked out of there I knew this is what I needed to do . The effect of the Vibration of my Body, mind and being was very profound, and I started reading up on the phenomenon immediately - Along with buying all the Gongs, Crystal bowls and other vibrational instruments I could afford !!!  With Bev and another friend Penny, we started working on clients and doing group sessions and learning all the while.

After a Year travelling break in 2015 I returned to Bunbury to embark in a new direction, setting up my healing room to work from home. I now work with my amazing friend Bek who works Intuitively on our clients while I channel the Gongs. Every session is unique and we are absolutely loving working with our clients, teaching and giving them the tools to achieve their Intentions and goals.

 I have found that the more I learn about Healing with these tools, the more there is to learn. My life goal is to prove that this is a viable, scientific method of healing and for it to become more mainstream...we can only dream :)

I look forward to you experiencing this at the Eagle Bay Retreat.

Much Love
Rachael x


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