From Your ancestors and all Above...

You may be asking What is Light Language?

This is how I best can explain at this point in time xx

Understanding and riding the dimensions when I speak my light language goes beyond our human aspect.... When my light language awoken within my REmembering and was delivered almost with an endless set of keys, opening and expanding time to be able to float on the waves of information and lightcodes, sacred geometry and sound vibration. My life transformed and changed as I knew it. I gained and continue to learn the depth of our consciousness and the abilities they lay locked with our DNA all of our DNA. I deliver this information through toning and light language directly to your highest aspect ( for it understands )

Whilst in that consciousness, that is where I AM in my greatest service to you and your highest path.

My lightlanguage allows US to connect with a quieten ego, just pure sOul to sOul connection. It opens and expands our highest consciousness into different realms and realities all within a safe heart centred journey. I then share on a human level to you, that what is needed to be shared in that moment for your highest good. So you may then apply and use the teachings and tools to enhance your life.

I have found that when I show you on a sOul level who
your highest self then allows for that connection and information to flow.... we together work from heart space and release the Akashic records of lives no longer serving your greatest good.

It truely is a beautiful experience and each and every session I am in awe of each of you.

It is my honour to journey on a soul level with you to explore and release all that is no longer needed in your human walk in this life, in this moment.

We are ONE

Much LoVe