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ATLANTIS - Healing your cellular and sOul trauma from the fall of our past civilisation

Activated Ceremony Video Replay
Duration: 1hr 13 min

We are shifting at light speed, I am sure you can feel it in your bones.

Where we are going is bright and will blow your human mind and expand your heart beyond where you thought possible..... BUT


We have been here before…. and we are being asked karmically to create a new cycle, a new path for our species.

Something we did not choose in Atlantis

As I work within the akashic my service is to co create a release with you healing the past trauma of this time so you may choose in this life from a place of clarity not trauma and repeating a karmic cycle.

Astroid Atlantis is now direct so cosmically we are working through it…. I ask you to move through this consciously and with deep insight into what you are walking.

Again we have a choice how we journey these potent times.

A call of clearing and then a receiving of your abilities and gifts that you lived with in Atlantis. The codes lay within you some dormant some moving to the surface ready to be tuned with the universal frequencies ready to open and be available for you once more. Without the trauma.

I invite you to journey with me into the field of Atlantis to receive what you need in this moment in time to enhance your life and all that you are so we may create and commune with the newness that is calling.

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