Facing the Shadows Within Recording with BONUS Activations

Facing the Shadows Within Recording with BONUS Activations

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When we stand in our Divine hearts pulse the light we radiate can illuminate and shine upon that what we push into the shadows of self.

It is time to be BRAVE and travel to the darkness within and lovingly embrace All that you are!

It is only through this process do we fully access the light and grace within.

With myself, Mother Isis and Grace Ishna (ishta)standing in the trilogy of support and strength we call you into the Temple of Onyx where you shall bravely and safely connect to what is holding you in the shackles of time. To shine your hearts light upon it and be free once and for all.

* Guided Meditation
* Energy Upgrade Heart Activation and many more.
* Activation of the Heart Womb Pathway

This event delivered so much more than I anticipated so I just had to share with you all.

Go deep and do over and over if you desire as each time the layers will be peeled back a little more.

Much LoVe

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