Nine weeks of Transformation

Nine weeks of Transformation

from 1,200.00

I AM ready to share with you my 9 weeks of Transformation!
YEP me, by your side in FULL service for 9 weeks!!!!

I feel deeply that 2019 is a journey of Preparation for the 2020 expansion. A time to go deeper into self than ever before.

A time to be RAW, a time to be REAL,
a time to TRANSFORM

In the midst of your struggles and high's, I will be there. Reminding you of the tools and teachings, encouraging and guiding you throughout this transformational journey.  I have offered this to my diamond members and many have jumped at the opportunity to make a real transformation this year. 

I NOW invite you....... I have opened up ONLY 6 spaces so there is no time for procrastination.

T H E   T I M E  I S   N O W

I AM committed in YOU in full service. In return I ask that you surrender to the transformation that shall be yours. To gracefully step fully in openness so you may release, peel back the layers to truely know Oneself.

It will not always be easy and I can tell you now, I can crack a good whip. I will make you accountable, but I believe in you, your light and your service.

9 Weeks of Transformation

  • 63 days with me on call, by your side.

  • 6 sOul Healing sessions with me. In person or online depending on location. 1hr each.

  • 3 Planning and Accountability calls. Each 1 hr 

  • 9 Action calls with Lightbody Upgrade. Each 30mins (group setting) two time slots am and pm.

  • 3 Meditations emailed to you for personal guided journey's.

  • 3 Areas of your LIFE transformed in our 9 week journey.

  • 63 days of email, phone or messenger access to me.

  • Journal prompts that I use as tools to walk this life in Heart Consciousness

  • Personal gift with all you and your sOul will need for this journey together. You know it would not be a journey with me without the sparkly details.

  • When your higher self is ready. I will journey with you and initiate you into the CHAMBERS where I went through my etheric training with the Masters. 

  • Activations, Initiations, upgrades, clearings as they are needed.

  • Bonus emails with personal guidance from me to you.

  • 6 people ONLY taken on at one time so you have more of my time and devotion.

  • Diamond member discounts apply.

  • Launching the October 2019  - places normally sell out pre release so please place your name on the list or message me privately.

  • BONUS VIP Diamond Member access 24/7 for the nine weeks ( $690 PA)

Payment Options:
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The next opening for this 9 week Transformation will begin on the 1st OCTOBER 2019.

This is it beautiful one. You have gone over the details and now it is time to honour your heart and step forward in your DIVINENESS.

This package is the DEPOSIT price only. $1200AUD the Toal amount is $3299.00AUD.

This deposit payment will secure your space.

The remainder is due on the 1st October or if and alternate payment plan has been agreed that will override the above. The deposit is non refundable.

You are welcome to book your session times in advance between the dates of 1st October - 3rd December. 

This package includes 6 private one on one sessions

3 Planning calls. 

The first planning call will be an hour session (private) instead of the 30 min action call group setting online. On the start date of 1st October 2019. Please book accordingly.

The midway call also 1hr (private) instead of the 30min action call is to be booked between the dates 28th October - 4th November.

The final call will be on the 3rd December.ia zoom

*Please note all private sessions may be in person (Stratham Location)or via zoom. 

The 3 Planning 1hr calls are to be booked via the global online (zoom) bookings.

Each action call will be Monday morning 9amWST or Monday evening at 8pm WST. ( Please note if I am travelling internationally and can not make this action call I will add to the end of your package. 

I have my travel days pre blocked on my booking calendars. But for you my nine weekers I shall open up spaces on my travels to accommodate you. This we can do in our first planning call.

The group action calls will be via a facebook group I will create ( if you are really having a challenging Monday you are welcome to attend both ) as a bonus for you.

Throughout the nine weeks you will be able to contact me personally through messenger, voxer, and email. Please note you are my number one focus throughout the nine weeks I do have a family so please also be considerate of this.

Within the facebook group use it as a support network with the divine group that will be journeying with you. I have found this to be another level of connection that has really benefited in my last nine weeks.

I am beyond excited and already proud of you for stepping forward.

You will be rewarded so lets set the intention right now on sign up that this is going to expand you, change you and serve you!!!

Oh yessss I can feeeel it already.

It is my honour to serve you.

Much LoVe

Rachael Te Wano