Client Love

Pure Bliss! An emotional journey of enlightenment and learning whilst at all times being surrounded by such pure love.

The weekend transformed me! I was given tools and teachings to access my inner wisdom and it blew me away.

Forever grateful for crossing paths with Rachael.

Sandra Viereck - November 2017

I both relaxed and met like-minded people at Rachael's sOul retreat.

It made me look at my life, and life in general through different eyes.  It now feels like I am a step higher and everything just flows around me.

Wendy Worgan - Eagle Bay Retreat 2017

Rachael's retreat opened up an incredible amount of choice and change in myself and my family, and it hasn't stopped since the retreat.

Amazing food, people and awakenings.

Dianne Baldwin - Eagle Bay Retreat 2017

Going on a soul retreat was a deeply healing experience. 

I had insights into my past and future and was able to clear stagnant energy that was holding me back in life. 

At times this was an emotionally intense experience but the love, trust, humour & non judgement in this space was an incredible web of support.

Rachael's soul retreat helps you to become all that you can be which is truly a gift to give yourself.

Jaimee Hart - Eagle Bay Retreat July 2017

I first met Rachael through a friend of mine. Steven North previously had a session with beautiful Rachael & I had heard briefly about how amazing the session went and how she was incredible!

Naturally I was drawn to book a session in with Rachael and Steven kindly got in touch with her and just like that booked me in for my first session back on 25 March 2017.

Since that first session which was just beyond awesome, I have had the pleasure of many Face to Face consultations as well as Skype sessions with fabulous Rachael. Each session is unique and quite profound, I never know what we will be working on... well my human side just gets taken for an incredible ride. She has the mind blowing ability to know just exactly what our soul and higher self requires each session.

Rachael is truly a gifted and remarkable healer who walks her talk and helps others to walk their higher path with confidence and purpose. she is simply divine and astonishing, a healer who is nurturing and always provides priceless advice that is practical for one to implement in our current society.  The tips and examples from her own personal journey and experiences are invaluable as it shows just how completely achievable it is for humans, but especially females who are often conflicted in society between what is expected of them in terms of their role and what their heart and soul really want to experience.

Rachael helps the individual to give themselves permission to experience what is deep within their soul, the yearning to be in alignment with what they came here to experience and grow. She helps one to reconnect to the light within and to recognise the light in all beings. For the soul is truly perfect and eternal.

Words can not truly express the depth of my gratitude to this fantastic lady who has embodied her higher self and connected to her soul allowing her to shine her light brightly and help others to walk the ascension path with grace and confidence. She has tremendously accelerated my learning about myself, my path and made it possible for me to walk it with a more stronger belief in following my heart.

Thank you sweet Rachael for all that you have done for me, for being the fantastic you that you are, so beautiful inside and out. I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with you and strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the key to a life changing journey as they walk their path.

Yok Yin Wong - December 2017

I'd say that Rachael is one of the most intriguing and effective Energy Workers I've come across so far.  I'm an Energy Worker myself and am quite selective of who I allow to work on me and for the most part I've not felt the shifts / energy reactions from such sessions.
With some Energy Workers, my body reacts but its very rare for me to actually consciously feel the energy shifts from them and I've hardly ever walked out from any healing session going WOW!

However with Rachael it was quite a different experience altogether and a first of sorts for me, I actually felt the energy during the sessions (again quite rare for me), my body reacted and I felt the shifts post session.  In my mind, that by itself says a lot about Rachael, her skills and her gifts.

Meeting her for the first time, she impressed as someone with absolutely the most welcoming, pleasant & calm disposition about her and you can tell straight up that she's someone who's genuine and whom you can trust and feel comfortable with.

My sessions with her were by far the most interesting healing sessions I've ever had with anyone. Her spiritual connections and intuitions are something else, way up there and what she picked up explained a lot about the stuff that needed attention within me.

Following her sessions, I felt that the energy that flows through me when I work with clients has somewhat now enhanced, and I believe this is the result of what she's been able to clear off with the work she's done. This is something that no other Energy Workers (with due respect to them) have been able to address so far.

She's an absolute gem and someone I'd highly recommend to anyone, especially if you've not been getting the results you seek from other modalities.

Tony Ratnam

Having met Rachael Te Wano at the Conscious Living Expo (2016) and having a remarkable experience on the main stage with a beautiful co-creation together, it is a pleasure to write a testimony for Rachael.
Rachael is an extraordinary professional that not only works in esoteric and metaphysical but she keeps it real and down to earth. I've had a few individual sessions with Rachael and they have been amazing. There was one that left me dazed for hours because of the changes that occurred within the bioenergy field.
Rachael takes care and works with nothing but pure love in her sessions and this can be felt as well.
Her team of guides also work with our own individual guides and this was evident in a few days of major transformation for myself with seeing Rachael.
On Day 1, Master Serapis Bey
On Day 2 A group of Bioengineers
On Day 3 The feedback from the Bioengineers is that they are very grateful for the space that was created from the session with Rachael. As can be seen nothing is ever a coincidence.
For as long as I can remember, I've always had issues with grounding. We understand that there were specific reasons for this and one session with Rachael helped significantly with this and for the first time, am able to sit in unison with the planet.
If you're drawn to working with Rachael Te Wano, brace yourself for a change in life. It is strongly recommended as she is a loving, consummate and beautiful hearted professional. - Steven & Amy North

I have had three sessions with Rachael. Wow I wasn't sure why I was going to see her as I wasn't sure what she really did.
Was I in for such a fabulous revelation. I have been on a very strict diet, herbal liquids, supplements etc. for 9 months to remove parasites from my gut which I have had for a long. long time.
I had managed to rid one of the parasites from my gut however, the second type of parasite was hanging in. I was looking as to why I was hanging onto this energetically and when I had my second visit with Rachael she worked on removing this parasite and she said they are now cleared. I felt different and empowered when I left Rachael's session.
When I went back to have a stool test, it can back undetected, I burst into tears.
My natropath wasn't surprised that Rachael removed these parasites, as my natropath said that we had done so much work physically with supplements etc. however, she felt the last 20% wasn't going to go away without some help from an energetic level. This is where Rachel came in and cleared them.  Thank you so much Rachel. - Noela

I had a Skype session from London with Rachael. The session was fantastic and so powerful for me. She was completely accurate in every thing she said and she focused on areas that had troubled me. After the session I felt the immediate impact of her clearing a significant shift in my chakras and felt centred and focused. I would highly recommend Rachael. The fact that we were able to connect despite being so far away only confirms her gifts. Truly blessed to know her and have her in my life” – Previtha Kunjuraman

I was initially gifted a session with Rachael & I have not looked back.  I typically end up begging for an urgent appointment in the face of chaos and a sense of being overwhelmed.... Every time I leave, I feel at peace, energised, grounded and ready to take on the world again!
Rachael is a beautiful soul, gifted with an amazing connection to source. it is incredible to experience... - Daniella Haglich, Peppermint Grove, WA

It has been a true blessing to have met Rachael. She has an amazing gift & is so spot on with what she does. The amount of "junk" (years of it) that has been cleared in our sessions has been significant and given me the headspace to focus on what is important.
So in tune and passionate about what she does.  I would highly recommend her & have... to friends and family. - Tilly Glen, Dardanup, WA

Having Rachael recommended to me has totally changed my life and also my outlook on life. I hadn't realised how rock bottom I had hit. I put my total trust in Rachael and let her do her stuff. 
I wish I had met Rachael years ago, and will continue to see her on a regular basis. I love my new positive feeling, happy self. - Maree Beckett-Hawken, Bunbury WA

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rachael for over 10 years... I always find her spot on for what is needing to be addressed ... a true blessing. - Sarah Short, Perth WA

Rachael Te Wano is an amazing soul who has opened me up to a whole new world of healing, light and possibility.  I am so grateful that I met her. If you wish to unlock the door to a life-changing journey, Rachael is the key. - Helen Day, Perth WA

I'm amazed at the changes that have happened within me, and around me.  I'm calmer, more in tune, more aware of others and my energies and so much more! I'm very lucky to be able to see Rachael every week, I could not imagine progressing as fas as I have without the weekly commitment.
I'm grateful for all that she is and all that she does. - Wendy Pollard, Capel WA

I had the pleasure of having the lovely Rachael spend time at my home with friends and share her talents reconnecting us with Mother Earth, an experience we all enjoyed and have awoken with a clearer mind and lighter spirit. Thankyou beautiful soul. - Ash-lyn Aberle, Perth WA

Rachael has just blown me away, I feel absolutely amazing after my time with her - I can't stop talking about how fantastic she was and how accurate she has been for me. A beautiful soul, I feel so blessed to have met and started my journey towards healing - thank you beautiful lady xxx - Fee Ford, Tom Price WA

Rachael, I enjoyed the session yesterday with you so much, thank you for teaching me to reconnect again.  I loved it and I am excited for life again today. I look forward to seeing your beautiful gifted self again in the future x - Odelle Templeton, Perth WA

Just Wow... definitely what I needed and so many questions answered without being asked, it's hard to explain other than by WOW. Thank you so much for starting me on this new journey. - Roddenna Pantall-Park

Amazing! It has taken me years to find her. I am now finally at peace with myself which I never thought possible. 
Rachael has changed my life. Thank You Rachael. - Terri Miller

I had an amazing experience with Rachael in her Stratham healing room and I can honestly say it was amazing. She pinpointed areas that I needed help with and how to progress into a happier self. I have had healing treatments all around the world and I can honestly say this was one of the best sessions I have had. - Mumma Mulhall