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8Th - 14Th May 2020

6 Nights, 7 days


Music - Stellar , The Hive video by Kew Gardens, Cornwell Drone Tom Holder.


“Let us step through the Veils with an expanded heart and illuminated sOul”.



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Our journey together shall begin in ceremony at the mind blowing, heart expanding THE HIVE within Kew gardens. The bees song will support your intention, bring synarchy into our circle and set the harmony for the duration of our time together. This exact place called my heart even before I knew it existed.


Our London Accommodation

The stunning Mitre Hotel on the river Thames with double or twin options for you to choose. I just Love this hotel they are so welcoming after a long flight and its location is surrounded by sacred sites, cafes and beautiful gardens. We will have dinner together before getting ready for the adventure that awaits!


The Mitre Hotel

Kingston Upon Thames


Room Options

Queen room or Twin Share ( two king singles)



Her soft waters are calling us to be bathed and cleansed, our sOuls to be nurtured and filled with light and harmony…… beyond where we have allowed before. Merlin’s magic is waiting for you and the sword of truth shall ripple from your heart during our voyage to Cornwell. You will feel the mystery of Camelot, King Arthur and the Divine Queen Genevere stories pulse from the stones as we walk upon paths steeped in history and forgotten teachings.

The waterfalls, the fayre, the ceremonies, the portals, all with Oliver’s stories and wisdom shall awaken the deep remembering within your womb and heart.


St. Nectans Glen

We will wander through the ancient woodlands to explore the Hermitage and 60 foot divine waterfall of St Nectan’s Kieve. I can feel the other realms beckoning, as I write about this sacred space.


Oliver William Huntley

Oliver will share his gnostic stories and wisdom throughout our time in Tintagel and the surrounds. He is a wisdom keeper that will deepen your connection and understanding of the sacred spaces we shall explore together.


Merlin’s Cave

Steeped in mystery and magic, this journey shall set your wonder on fire. We will be governed by the tides as to when we shall enter and join in ceremony within Merlin’s Cave.



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st clethers

St Clethers Well

It is said by some to be the holiest of wells within the region. St. Clederus died and was buried at the hermitage. After his death, the water grew famous for its miraculous healing properties. Supposedly, when the saint’s body was laid to rest by the altar, his corpse infused the water with his spirit. Today, a spring of water from the holy well still burbles under the altar in the well-house and then into the chapel.

harbour towns

Quaint Harbour Villages

Oh the beauty of Tintagel, Boscastle and the entire region will just take your breath away. As we drive to explore our ceremony locations your awareness will be grabbed by a magical forrest, a small forgotten hermitage or buildings that ignites wonder and awe.

It really will be all about “the journey not the destination”


Waterfalls, Wells and Crystal Caves

Ahhhhh can you feel it?

Standing in circle receiving activations and sacred sound within the crystal caves or knee deep in holy water….. Renewing the body temple and freeing the spirit to journey deeper into yourself. We will discover St Nectan’s Glen and other unknown holy water sights.

Tintagel Accommodation

The Avalon Hotel - Cosy up in this beautiful space after a day of wandering. Rest and relax or roam the rugged Cornwell coast just outside.

Double and twin room options are available.






“The Isle of AVALON”

The HEART chakra of the Earth…. Ahhhh and you shall feel the heart pulse as you walk upon her soil and travel through the mist, her veils are so thin the other worlds are just a breath away…..

My LoVe affair with these sacred lands and all they hold began when I was 19. I was seemingly plonked without knowing why ,upon these lands. The earth was activating remembering within me that my logical mind could not understand. I now know why….. I now understand. Fast forward to 2017 and the conscious call was so great there was no room for negotiation I had to return. I AM so please I honoured the whisper of my heart for it changed me, it expanded my service and gave me so many pieces to the puzzle.

It inspired me , well actually summoned me to share with you and ALL the sOuls that are being called back to Avalon to REmember, to gain clarity and to call forth the wholeness within.

It is your time to Return…..

chalice well

Chalice Well

The international gardens of peace will hold you, heal you and listen to all you have to share. The red spring flows ever so gracefully, representing the divine flow of the mother and her Womb blood. We shall begin our journey to freedom here, as we step forward on the Forgiveness journey, walking within the spring.



The powerpoint of the Heart chakra.. Oh how your heart will fall in LoVe over and over as you stand within this gateway to the beyond.

As Above - So Below is what always ripples through me on this sacred ancient site. I will share with you my journey with the Celarians in 2017 & how the consciousness was able to be anchored back into humanities awareness & the Sophia grids one more. You will receive this activation, feeling more love than ever before.

white spring

White Spring

He flows in perfect balance to the red spring across the road. The white spring, the masculine oh how I LoVe to share this sacred space with my group. A quiet reflective space that if willing will rebirth you within the dark depths of the waters. You will feel the presence of the fae and the ceremonies of past that are held within the walls. Divine indeed!




The Abby

As you walk through these gates into another time you shall feel the Grace of the Mary’s…. whispering their wisdom and knowledge for you to understand in your own unique way.


Secret Tree Circle

One of my favourite places on the planet, I can not wait to share with you this divine space but shhhh most of the locals do not even know where it is!


Wells Cathedral

In divine harmony we shall wander this awe inspiring cathedral. A glimpse into what the Abby would have been like. The holy springs that runs under your feet will nourish and uplift. I feel some sacred sound activations will be yours within these walls.




Glastonbury Accomodation

We shall stay on a holy site!!! Are you ready for this? Nestled at the bottom of chalice hill you will be held by the magdalene energies as you sleep. Estelle’s home is a favourite bnb of mine, as the energy is just so pure. The main sacred sites are all within walking distance so in your free time you may rest or go exploring from this central location. Double and twin options are available. Breakfast and Dinner are included. Lunch will be during your daily reflection and free time.




Your Host


Rachael Te Wano - I AM THAT I AM

To hear the call to Avalon is a call of knowing and service. Of service to yourself, your path and to all of humanity. Through our hearts and Wombs we are birthing and consciously anchoring of the Divine Sophia back into the planet, so her grids and your grids may pulse as one. Wether you are consciously aware or you just hear the slight whisper or flicker of your heart - step forward, for this is what your sOul has been longing for. The time is now!

It is my joy and sOul calling to hold space and lead you through a journey of heart expansion and change. So you may honour the unique limitless power and grace that resides within you. We can not do this alone it is together as ONE we shall rise.

All My LoVe - Rachael xx



This option you will have a Dble or King room to your self, at All the accommodations on this retreat.


Twin Share

This option you will share with one other person in twin beds, their may be an option to have a room to yourself at The Mitre hotel in London but you will need to advise as early as possible as rooms book out quickly this time of year.



This option is for you and a partner or friend. Sharing the dble or king room in all the accomodations on this retreat. A discount will be applied when you book together to share the room of $800 in total.

$4,590AUD per person

Day Guest


This option will allow you the freedom to book your own accomodation yet join us each day to explore and journey within the retreat circle. If you wish to travel with us, that too can be arranged with plenty of notice at an additional fee.


Diamond VIP Discounts apply to all of the above options. PLease note price does not include flights, lunches, foreign bank fees or transfer fees.

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