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Diamond Membership

"It is time to rise, It is time to unlock your True potential"

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Meet Rachael Te Wano

Rachael Te Wano is a Multi Dimensional sOul healer. She has fully embodied her Higher Self. Through her Heart Space she connects to the many realms, your highest self and sOul to facilitate your Remembering of All That you Are.

Through Light language Rachael accesses your Akashic records (book of life- sOul history) to free you from sOul contracts and those BIG BLOCKS in this life.

When you go on this journey with Rachael, you will leave with tools that allow you to connect deeper to you HEART, vibrate in a higher frequency so the drama and chaos of 3d can no longer spin you.

Sophia (creator of all that is) came to Rachael and downloaded codes into her, so she may activate your HEART space into 5th Dimension (new earth) so you can then walk this life from BLISS FULL heart consciousness and ONENESS.

Rachael has the ability to download/ activate /awaken Diamond Codes, Platinum Ray, Isis Womb Activation, sOurce Codes, Upgrade the DNA, gradually activate the Pineal, and many more sOul healing transmissions to raise your vibration.

The Diamond Membership

VIP's also are invited into a secret facebook group to connect with like minded sOuls. Rachael is always adding extra's for VIP's to add value and excitement.... Just because she LoVes Ya!


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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I feel this is not for me?

If you have genuinely tried using the tools, meditations and activations and feel it is not for you, then you just need to let us know via email and we will happily discuss it with you.

I already have a Soul Healer

Although the words "connect with source" and "source readings" seem to be popping up all over the place, you may not necessarily be getting real soul healing or soul block removal. If you are unsure because you have never been lucky enough to experience Rachael's gift then please contact us and we will schedule a short phone call with her. 

Do I have unlimited access to Rachael?

No, this membership is about learning to guide your own ascension. If you wish to work on something specific then as always, you are welcome to book a private session with Rachael.  For the VIP Members, you will have a chance every month to be in an online group get together where there is a 30 min Q & A after with Rachael.

Can I share this membership with a friend?

The membership you purchase is for you alone. The content is amazing value for money and if used the way it is intended by Rachael you will grow spiritually and increase your vibration far quicker than waiting till you can book a one-on-one session. If we see that you are "sharing" the love, then sadly we will need to discuss this.

I am a practitioner, can I use the meditations for my clients?

Again, this membership is for you alone, and not for your clients. If you feel this is something you would like to offer your clients, please contact us and we will see if there is something we can do or an agreement we can reach.