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Initiator - Cosmic Songstress

Within you is the wisdom of your past,

all you have ever lived

Mother Isis

Queen of the Mystery

Your inner worlds await your 

ancient awakening

Mary Magdalene

High Priestess - Activator

 I AM devoted to your path

of remembrance

Mother Mary

Mother - Inner Alchemist

Let me walk with you side by side.

White Buffalo Woman

Wisdom Keeper - Weaver

Courage washes over you as the harmonics

dance upon your flesh

Black Madonna


Come willingly into the mystery of you.

I AM waiting

I had spent two years knowing a chalice bowl was coming my way, for this magic finds us, just like crystals do.

I spent hours talking with manufactures trying to find one that felt aligned to my connection with the creation of such powerful soul tools. I searched the internet to find the sound I could hear when I thought of such bowl.


Finally the day had come, she was in my hands crafted with love and hand sprayed in perfect conditions with 24carat gold, etched with the sigil given to me by my teacher and guide Yeshua.


As I began to share the magic of the Sophionic christ light through the chalice,

my bowl spoke:

I am to code chalice bowls to the aspects of Sophia

I simply laughed and said sorry I am way to busy for that, I had the grandmothers and the bees, the crowning codes and the new earth star chakra to deliver to the world.... nope sorry.

The song did not let up, weaving into my awareness at the most unexpected times calling me to service, calling me to share the frequency with others..... okay okay, I will, with an exhale and a flicker of inspiration as I let myself go into the magic of what was to become.

I knew this was not a singular path, that I would ask another to birth in co creation the sigils of the coded bowls.

Victoria!! the knowing was clear.

Let me share the story of this co creation as it may spark within you a forgotten time, a time where the hearts pulse led and words were not at the for front of communication.

In the moment of transmission I said to Victoria lets do it the way we used to in ancient Lemuria (our souls had remembered one another in our first joining) no words, my heart will speak to your heart and we shall weave in the dimensions without sound.

We sat in harmonic resonance, me emanating the aspects as they stepped forward, Victoria seeing feeling and receiving the codes of light. Humbled by the interwoven vision we both received and how similar they were.

Ahhhhh the magnitude of what these bowls hold where felt within this moment.

So here beautiful soul,  I offer you this coding , this gift of the Sophia and her aspects, for you to share your hearts emanation with and spread these codes across the planet as you play and journey with the bowls that sing to you.

I am sure as you receive their magic you too

shall feel the magnitude of what is to become…… 


Initiator - Cosmic Songstress

432mhz - F Note - 24ct Gold - 8in

To be in the presence of the Hathor Chalice is an initiation within its self, a coming home to the ancient path of light and dark and the wholeness of both.

The sound alchemy shall softly caress your heart open, sparking the path forward for oneself. 

She shall bring the stars into your cells and offer a deep healing of the past, the present and the now moment.

She speaks:

Mystery is evoked deep within you when you call my name and feel the slightness of my touch, the breath of the cosmic wisdom shall brush over you - hear me, feel me, and if you must, see me for I shall arrive to you as you will……

Know this… within you is the wisdom of your past all you have lived, it lays within your coding let the song of time reveal the illusion of time, so you may move through dimensions as your soul yearns to do so. 

The calling asks to bring the past forward of the golden age where your intuit gifts where at the forefront of your awareness, the ego was still and the heart spilled from your voice into the world birthing realities of the unified field. Sing, dance and live your hearts song.

Your song calls me Hathor

Mother Isis

Keeper of the Mysteries

432hz - F Note - 24ct Gold - 8in


Her wings wrap around the fields of you, the song of this chalice open the gates to lead you into the mystery of your soul. The harmonics change, a new revealing….. and so the journey deepens.


She speaks:


Enter, you have arrived to a gateway, a sacred junction in time.

Will you take the keys to the unlocking of the unknown spaces within.


Your body is a chamber, a sacred vessel as the resonance moves through you …surrender… for I shall hold you in my power, my grace and dance with you through the spiral of time.


Sacred sound is a portal we have always known so remember and receive the anointing of the ancient rights.

You are the key to your embodiment.


Wrap your wings around me

Mary Magdalene

High Priestess - Activator

432mhz - F Note - 24ct Gold - 8in

The Chalice of Mary Magdalene becomes your chariot, her heart song frequencies hold ancient codings for this exact time upon the earth to awaken the seeds of your soul wisdom, womb voice and hearts emanation.


She sings your spirit into the crystalline threads of life, bringing forth your connection to all things activating the codes of the high priestess of great remembrance.


She speaks: 

The creatrix of all life resides within each man and woman on earth, the passage way to the heart shall reveal all things if you mearly listen and trust.


An honouring of the spirit, the human body and mind forms a great web of life within you as you hear my codex let the activation be yours.


I shall be your consort on this voyage of remembrance and wholeness

I Am One and One with All.


I hear you Mary Magdalene

Mother Mary

Mother - Inner Alchemist

432hz - F Note - 24ct Gold - 8in

Do not worship me from afar, take my hand and let me walk with you side by side…

I LoVe you my child.

A pure emanation of Love resides within the sound of the Mother Mary chalice bowl her heart song with filaments of soft pink drift through your essence guiding you to open your inner gateways so you may experience deeper Love and tenderness.

She leads you on a journey of self devotion, so the inner voice may weave a new reality aligned with your soul.

She speaks:

 I wish to bestow a gift of love, the elixir of life into your field so you may do as you may in the moment of receiving.


This journey is deep and holds many layers for you to explore, I know my child this passage of love is calling you down, let the sound lead you home. For ALL resides within the chamber of your heart.


I open my heart to you and bow my head to the virtue you are, know this my child

I shall never leave you and my love is endless. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you.

The one you know as Mother Mary.

I receive you Mother Mary

Black Madonna 

Dark Mysteries

432mhz - F Note - 24ct Gold - 8in

The cauldron within this chalice radiates a frequency of safety leading you into the underworld to de robe and walk the path of deep healing, she holds you, she beacons you to release to unravel your layers and remove the masks, not for anyone else but yourself.


This empowering codex brings forth the ancestors of your blood and soul, the support of the earth her creatures and the stillness of the inner earth. She balances and aligns the upper realms through you as the sound weaves a inner unity for transformation like no other.


This is a potent walk to be held by this chalice and her song is an experience you shall not forget any time soon.

She speaks: 

Come willingly into the mystery of you, into the embrace of the dark aspects of self and life.

Come willingly I ask with grace and trust for the other is by force, for that too is an act of Love and service from me to you.

So choose now which path you take for the earth lessons are yours to face.

Do not fear the path before us

This is the great initiation of life and none not walk this path.

Look into my flesh and feel the emanation of my light, hold with you my strength, harness the unique expression of my song so it may lead you deep into the unknown realms so the light may penetrate deep within revealing truths unknown.

Come willingly my child the time is now.

I come willingly into the mystery

White Buffalo Woman

Wisdom Keeper - Weaver

432hz - F Note - 24ct Gold - 8in

The wise eyes and inner wisdom of buffalo woman radiate from the chalice, opening the webs of creation, the treads of you, aligning you to the earth frequency and all she holds.

The wind, water and ether combine for your healing in this now moment.

This deep voyage from your outer world into your inner realms is held by her embrace.

Her vast stare through the illusions of life.

Courage washes over you as the harmonics dance upon your flesh. This is an honouring your body temple “your earth” and your soul “your heaven”.

She speaks:

With the power of the earth beneath my feet and the kingdoms unseen to the naked eye we evoke as one, we unify for you.


Remember your ancient worldly wisdom and let it return on the pathways this sound opens

See from your inner eye, see from the vastness of your field and hold the vision and walk the path.

Your are one and one with all, hold steady and walk on, blowing the winds of change for all who encounter you. We the feminine pulse outside of you support the divine feminine within you let us travel the unchartered path TOGETHER.


I choose courage


The Aspects Complete Set

6 Coded Chalice Bowls





$1329 SAVING

Sacred Song

Breath my LoVe, Come into yourself, open your heart and prepare to receive the aspects and their codex.

A divine gift from their essence to yours.

Feel beneath the sound into the ceremony that birthed your chalice into reality.

Each chalice has been anointed with sacred water from around the globe collected on my travels.


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  • 8inch Gold Chalice Bowl
  • One of a kind
  • Coded to the Aspects of Sophia
  • Carry Bag & Mallet
  • Created in Sacred Ceremony
  • Authenticity Card
  • Temple member discount
  • Affiliate Opportunity $144 per bowl


3 x $629.30


  •  8inch Chalice Bowl
  • One of a kind
  • Coded to the aspect of Choice
  • Carry Bag & Mallet
  • Created In Sacred Ceremony
  • Authenticity Card
  • Temple member discount
  • Affiliate opportunity $144 per bowl
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Complete Set



  • 6 x Chalice Bowls
  • Private sound session with Rachael
  • Savings of $1329.00
  • Video of Rachael Coding your unique bowls
  • Authenticity Cards
  • Temple member discount 
  • Affiliate Opportunity $300 per bowl