Harmonising for YOUR Transformation

“The call of Mother earth is loud to return to the heartlands and hold ceremony 

September 18,19, 20, 21& 22 2024

Ready to learn how to activate your inner sacred sexual energy, your magnetic force and say good bye to dull and lustreless living?

Ready to understand what it is to connect to the earth grids for the benefit of your healing and that of the collective?

THIS is for YOU.

Come one day or all 5 you get to decide.

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Return To Lemuria

New Zealand -

March 2025

Aotearoa holds within it’s mountains and sacred waters the frequency of Lemuria a time of unity and communing beyond words.


The waters remember and now so shall WE.

🜄 🜄 🜄 

"The women of the lake are singing us home to ourselves,

so we may lead with grace and wisdom" 


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