London ⟢ Glastonbury UK

20th - 25th May 2023 & 

Equinox 18th - 23rd September 2023

Earth Walking ⎸ Higher Self Embodiment ⎸ Akashic Lineage Healing 

The call to Avalon is a whisper sweeping through your consciousness inviting the heart to feel, she calls to you, welcoming you home to the heartlands but also home to yourself.

Many on the planet are hearing the drumbeat call to return in this life to unite the puzzle pieces, receive the wisdom and gain clarity on their sOuls highest path. 

"This is a deep journey of your expansion"


Let the magic begin


Angelsey Wales ⟢ Bryn Celli Dhu

25th - 28th September 2023


The mound in the dark grove is an earth template to Rewild and Reweave your birthright connection to Self and the Primordial Mother.



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Global ⟢  Earth Walker


I see you deeply connect to the earth to yourself
Knowing that within the stillness of Mother Gaia all is mended
all is witnessed, experienced and all is understood.
This birthright connection to nature and all her creatures ever present in your world
She is part of you and you her.

🜃 🜃 🜃

Earth Walker is going to be a global offering in 2024. There is a drum beat call to walk the Sophionic gridlines, attune the the earth frequencies and awaken our birthright gifts of multi dimensional consciousness.

Bali, Egypt, Uluru, Uk, NZ

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