The 8 Week Reset

We get in, we do the work.

You embody the Change.

Its quick its powerful- It's needed.


This offering is so potent I have been inspired to keep it ongoing. I am ready when you are. The results will blow your mind and expand your heart.


Let's Do It

Private Sessions with Rachael

“This is a journey of co creation, I am guided in session by your higher self, as that is the quickest fastest path of transformation, the ego quietens and the sOul leads.”

Multi Dimensional Healing, Akashic Clearings, Activations to awaken the sOul gifts with in, Sacred Sound, Womb Wisdom, Embodied Remembrance, Galactic Entity Removal, Lineage healing, Light Language.

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The Crowning Intimate

An innocent walk to your mastery through the 9 Gateways of Self.

Guided by Rachael and the Embodied Masters

This is the passage of exponential growth and transformation... This is the Journey!!!

Rachael has now included 12 months of Private mentoring to this offering.

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