The Golden Rose Mystery School


The Golden Rose Mystery school will hold you in sacredness as you walk the path of multi dimensional consciousness.

Safe secure and embodied in both your energetics and humanness.

The Mystery school is a sanctuary of remembrance. 

Offering the feminine threads of Grounding, Heart Consciousness and deep womb wisdom

Weaved with the masculine principles of embodiment, structure and consistency.


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DNA Key Weaver Training


Your service to the world that goes beyond you.

13 weeks to become an Internationally recognised energy healer within the DNA Key modality. Claim the knowledge of the highest code on the planet and step into a fully built conscious business.

We get to be conscious and fully abundant in this life.

Become a Weaver

Earth Walker 101

Imagine a life where you are connected to self and your environment

Well my love you are in the right place!

Here you will receive the simple yet powerful tools to dissolve anxiety, clear your energy field and take the first step on becoming a fully fledged Earth Walker.

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The DNA Key Experience

The pioneer code for the new world

The self guided journey's are self paced, offering 44 days access with all the tools to embody the full power and grace of these codes so you can easily reap the benefits in your daily life. You have the Choice!

Journey the 30min guided journey and walk away knowing it is working its magic behind the scenes of fully embrace the bonus videos and get to know the DNA Key in a more intimate way. 



The Way of the Womb 


A 3 month transformational journey of Awakening, Empowerment and LIBERATION. 

The womb is calling you down into the cauldron of your creation are you ready to hear her?

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